5 Tool Baseball Academy Programs

5 Tool Academy offers various programs and training lessons to improve your baseball game. Our services include:


Professional Hitting Lessons
Rotational hitting is a biomechanically correct sequence of movements designed to hit a ball hard. Its effectiveness relies on the kinetic energy developed through effective lower body engagement at foot strike, the separation of the upper body and lower torso, the effective transfer of momentum through the arms and into the bat at ball contact. This concept is supported by indisputable scientific fact.

In summary, the rotational hitting system we use is the best way to maximize the upward transfer of kinetic energy. It is the only hitting technique capable of delivering and optimizing high kinetic energy, and is the primary reason why it has been used over the past century by the overwhelming majority of baseball hitters

Professional Pitching Lessons
The 5 Tool Baseball Academy will introduce the essentials of proper arm care and show participants how to effectively improve each player's game performance by throwing consistent strikes with all three pitches safely.

We focus on teaching:

  • the mechanics of pitching
  • strength and conditioning requirements
  • nutritional necessities
  • mental and emotional elements of the sport.

We aspire to provide our athletes with the essential tools of becoming more successful in order to attain their peak athletic ability.

We take enormous pride in our work and in return expect firm commitments from our students. Whether the athlete is eight or eighteen years of age, we treat every athlete with the same respect regardless of their abilities and talents.

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In order to become successful and benefit from our program, it will take a firm commitment, positive attitude, and a consistent.

Video Analysis
With video analysis software we are able to slow down any body motion frame by frame. This allows us to see things the naked eye cant see to be able to make the necessary adjustments and correct the mechanics of hitting, pitching or running.

Video analysis is used by professional teams all over the world, so we want to give our kids the same advantages professionals have to find the flaws and correct them. We have found that kids learn more from seeing than hearing and thats why we have brought this kind of technology to our facility.

Batting Cage Rentals
The baseball academy offers two 55' hitting / pitching tunnels, complete with L-screens, pitching machines, pitching mounds and a fully equipped gym.

Rates are as follows:
One hour (Team or Individual) - $45
1/2 hour (Team or Individual) - $30

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